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About Me

Currently, I am a research scientist working with the High Performance Computaitonal Biology group headed by Prof. Srinivas Aluru. Prior to this, I completed by Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institue of Techonology Bombay, Mumai, India.

Before my foray into the fascinating world of Computational Biology, I worked as a software engineer in an IT consultancy company for eight and half years. I customized, maintained and developed software that manages product life cycle. While working as a software engineer, I completed M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIIT, Hyderabad. Sometime during the first year of this century, I graduated from PSG College of Technology with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. A summary of my past life is at my Linkedin page.

I have a personal blog here, which I rarely update it now a days. You can also follow me here on twitter!

About This Site

I created this site after joining IIT Bombay as research scholar. The primary goal of this site is to document my research life. This site was created using nanoc static website generator . It is built from the nancoc blog starter kit developed by mgutz (Licence). The HTML content is generated from a set of haml and markdown files, while CSS is generated from sass files. The use of simpler representation of content (i.e. markdown) enables easier version control.

The structure of the site is inspired from Mark Reid's home page.

The source code of this website is available at my bitbucket repository.


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